What is Stitch?

Stitch Sainte Luce is a women’s embroidery business project in Madagascar, Africa. This charity project is geared towards community development through providing embroidery training for women. With an emphasis on sustainability, the new skills help women earn a living and alleviate the chronic poverty faced by their families.

Since 2012 the project has provided embroidery training to women who are currently working towards building a business association. As the business grows and grows, the students are also being taught English and marketing skills. The project is run by British registered charity SEED Madagascar. Project Stitch Sainte Luce has provided embroidery training to over 100 women in Sainte Luce to date. The original 21 embroiders have now become both mentors and trainers of the new cohort of embroiders. Phase IV of the project is focused on expanding, strengthening and increasing the independence of the Cooperative, positioning it to provide reliable incomes and long-term sustainable livelihoods to women in Sainte Luce, without external donor funding.

The Stitch embroidery project has become integral to the three villages that make up Sainte Luce. Many of the women are married to fishermen and their ability to earn money that does not rely on the increasingly dangerous ocean means that their husbands do not have to take as many risks. These women have used their increased incomes to achieve many things that we take for granted: they’re buying better food for their families, going to the doctor more often, and sending their children to school. In true community spirit the women have also shared their improved income to support others in the community, currently feeding over 200 people throughout Sainte Luce. 

Unique handmade embroidery

Stitch embroiderers create a beautiful range of handmade fashion and interior accessories which they sell in the Sainte Luce Studio boutique, at specialist events in the UK and on our Etsy store.

Find out more about our products or commission something special directly from the studio!

“Since I have been doing the embroidery training my mind has been opened. Before I had to borrow the money to buy food. Now I have found another way. My life is getting easier and better already!”

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