Partners and Progress for Stitch

by Rebecca Dallimore

A couple of weeks back we looked at the history of Madagascar, the country’s independence and how the SEED Madagascar projects bring independence to individuals and communities in the South East.

As Stitch progresses through it’s fourth phase, independence is on the horizon for the cooperative. Last week both the embroiderers and the SEED project staff spent the week planning and developing a visual roadmap to guide the women towards an independent future. The women have picked up excellent business skills along the way and play a huge part in paving the way to their own independence.

2018 has so far been an exciting time for the Stitch cooperative, with the expansion of embroiderers to over 100 members and some steady partnerships being built, the future is bright. Credit goes to one of our longest standing partners, Operation Wallacea, who continually support our projects and recently added some of the Stitch products to their online shop!

To keep up with everything we’re doing in Sainte Luce you can follow the Stitch and SEED Facebook pages where we’ll provide your daily dose of Madagascar!

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