A range of products are available to buy online from our Etsy shop, and we also run regular stalls at events throughout the UK.

Please remember that we have a very high turn-over of stock. Our beautiful, handmade colourful African embroidery is always one of a kind. If you see elements of something you like, we are always open to custom commissions

Our most popular items are purses, belts, bracelets, cards and cushions. Recently however, we have been experimenting with ties, bunting and necklaces. If you have any ideas of new products you would like to see, please let us know and we will communicate this to our team, tirelessly working to create beautiful, colourful African embroidery.

How our prices are calculated

The price of our products includes:

  • Labour: based on the number of days it takes to make the product at a fair local daily rate
  • Materials: embroidery threads, upcycled fabric, needles, pins, charcoal for the iron, embroidery rings..
  • Direct overheads: Cost of getting the product to the sale country, transport, exchange rate fees...
  • Project contribution: Test marketing events, training, learning exchange visits, equipment...

In return, you get a truly unique, handmade product made in Madagascar, and the knowledge that you’ve made a real difference to the lives of our embroiderers and their families.