About our designs

All Stitch embroiderers create their own designs based on observations of the world around them. During their training the women drew from life and learned to translate their drawings into Stitch and now their sketchbooks are full of rich and varied inspiration which is drawn upon when creating new designs. In contrast to much of the other embroidery done in Madagascar, our embroiderers always make images from scratch and never rely on design catalogues. Each embroiderer has her own trademark style which has evolved over time and every product is unique.


  • Wildlife – based on the incredible array of flora and fauna within Sainte Luce.
  • Geometrics – based on traditional weaving, roof thatching, hair plaiting and lobster pot making.
  • Culture and storytelling – focusing on traditional storytelling and everyday life in Sainte Luce.

Product range

Our product range is constantly evolving with customer feedback and as the embroiderers try new things. Here is a selection of our most popular products: