Summer Styled with Stitch!

by Rebecca Dallimore

Despite the somewhat grey and dreary days we’ve had of late, London in summer is actually wonderful (although compared to the Malagasy summer, perhaps not so much!). That one day every two weeks where the sun shines and everyone dons their summer dresses, shorts and sandals, heads to parks and beer gardens and exclaims at how wonderful the weather is. So with the hope that now August has arrived, we’ll be getting a few more of those days, here’s our top picks to accessorise your summer with Stitch:

The Chevron Make-Up purse, doubled as a mini clutch bag.

Hand-stitched and fully embroidered with a recycled fabric lining, this purse is the perfect accessory to brighten up any outfit. You can use this little purse as an essentials-only evening bag, or as a purse inside a larger bag. This purse was handmade by Guerceline, who designed the pattern herself, Guerceline is 29 and has been embroidering with the project since 2012.

The Circle Purse 

Fully embroidered with a circle and semi-circle pattern, this purse is ideal for popping out to the shops, for coffee or going to brunch where all you need is your wallet. Vilda is the clever embroiderer behind this piece of work, and her best pieces are a full collection of patterned purses like these.

The Flower Power Glasses Case 

A soft little pouch, great for keeping your sunnies (and your phone or iPod) scratch-free. Small enough to fit into a pocket or beach bag you could also use this as a coin purse. This little case is hand-stitched by Didiane who has been embroidering with Stitch since 2014 and is always up for helping others in the cooperative with inspiration for their designs.

The Multi Bottle-Bag 

Heading out to the park for a picnic? Going off on a day trip? Simply need an easy holder for your water (or wine!), then this bottle bag is just what you need. A bright, multi-coloured stripe pattern, embroidered onto navy recycled fabric, you can sling this over your shoulder to take a bottle anywhere. The lady behind this design is Velestine, who is 37 and ever the entrepreneur – she has used the income from her work at Stitch to buy cattle and invest in her coffee business!

The Peacock Cushion

Having friends over? This gorgeous hand-stitched cushion cover is just what you need to brighten up your garden furniture, especially as you’re guaranteed that no-one else has one the same too. This one was made by Rolline, who is 42 and loves being involved in the Stitch project as it’s enabled her to learn a skill and financially support her children. Most of her work features birds and leaves as this is her inspiration, if you need a complimentary pair of cushions, you can see more of her collection on the Etsy shop.


Photo of Pela Photo of Olga

So there we have it, summer styled in Stitch! If you decide to shop any of our pieces or have some of our work already, please do snap a pic and share with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the handle @stitchsteluce and hashtag #stitchmadagascar


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